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"Musically daring and more interesting than a traditional three-chord country singer, Carrie is not unlike a Modern Day Bobby Gentry."~Jim K./ Guitarist for Reba

For my 7th birthday, I received a  clock radio.  I would go to bed listening to what was currently being played over the airwaves, in my small Nebraska town.  But the night I heard  “Man- Eater” for the first time, was the night that changed everything.  Hearing the cool groove the bass was playing, then the eerie keys and sax following,  peaked my attention.  When Daryl came in singing, I didn't fully understand what the meaning behind the song was, but all I could picture was an image of a woman turning into a tiger, and that fascinated me.  By the time the song pierced through me, I had been through physical abuse and neglect,  was in and out of a foster home, and was currently going through what no child, or person, should go through.  I never knew a song could create such a vivid picture until that moment, when I wanted to be a tiger.../about


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