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Hello C2 Crew!   As I was setting up these tiers and their rewards, I was thinking about how I was going to distinguish who would get what, according to their monthly support. But then it hit me after a new fan told me what she liked about my show.  If I was performing for a crowd of 5, I would never perform less than if I was performing for a crowd of 5000! If you are supporting me, who am I to say that you should get more or less than the next tier, simply because of what you can or can't afford. So I am doing away with that idea. It is entirely up to you! Entirely up to what you feel you can afford or how much you want to give for the continuing access with me and my music! 

There are multiple levels!~

  • Early access to new songs and albums
  • Access to exclusive/unreleased songs
  • Discounts on merch
  • Exclusive online shows
  • Monthly video hangouts
  • Song sheet PDFs
  • *Beyond the Crew gets to write a song with me!

Thank you so much for supporting my career. I truly appreciate it.