Music is my lifeline.  

    For my 7th birthday, I received a  clock radio.  I would go to bed listening to what was currently being played over the airwaves, in my small Nebraska town.  But the night I heard  “Man- Eater” for the first time, was the night that changed everything.  Hearing the cool groove the bass was playing, then the eerie keys and sax following,  peaked my attention.  When Daryl came in singing, I didn't fully understand what the meaning behind the song was, but all I could picture was an image of a woman turning into a tiger, and that fascinated me.  By the time the song pierced through me, I had been through physical abuse and neglect,  was in and out of a foster home, and was currently going through what no child, or person, should go through.  I never knew a song could create such a vivid picture until that moment, when I wanted to be a tiger.  (I truly believe this is when the songwriting bug took hold)

   But even though John and Daryl created visions in my head that still have yet to leave my memory, There were three ladies who were even more important in guiding me along the path of music.  I would religiously watch Barbara Mandrel and the Mandrel sisters perform and I was hooked.  Their stage presence was undeniable.  Truly one of the best entertainers out there.  I always wanted to be them.  Singing, dancing, writing, connecting with the audience like no other...

    When I started getting serious about music as my career, I wanted to do more than sing songs by other artists.  I was called the “Next Shania” by the stations around the Spokane, Washington area, and for a moment, I thought, “ I look like her, I can sing her songs, now I need to learn how to write like her”.  Although Garth was hot on the charts as well, Shania spoke my language.  Her and Reba.  But what was so funny and ironic, was if anyone looked into my living room, they would have seen me dancing to Donna Summer, Lou Rawls, and the Bee Gees; or I would have been dusting and cleaning the house while singing along with the Supremes and Mariah Carey.   All of these amazing  artists, and so many more in every genre helped shape my musical ears.  As if Motown, Pop, and Country stars weren't enough for me, I was also singing Jazz and I was part of The Spokane Symphony Chorale for five years!  No matter the style though, it was an escape.  An escape from my current situation I would happen to be in.  If it wasn't for music, I probably wouldn't still be here.

So I set out to learn how to write. I dove right in, going to Nashville, taking courses, studying the charts, etc.  When I started having marital issues concerning my music, I decided to go back to school for audio engineering.  My mentality was, If I can’t be on the stage, then I will be in front of it, or behind it.  It was great!  That experience and knowledge landed me gigs where I was running sound or assisting for artists such as Joan Jett, Trace Adkins, Herman’s Hermits, Zach Brown, Chuck Wicks and numerous other regional and national touring bands.  Going back to college, is also where I met Jessica Williams from Divulge Records, and from 2006-2011, I was on her label. 

Since then I have gone on to achieve some wonderful accolades, such as:
~2 albums, 3 EP’s and a few singles
~Top 10 album of  2017 by Women of Country music.org
~Contracts for film and TV
~Topped country charts all over the world
~ National anthem for many sporting events to name a few…

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists such as Kacey Musgraves, James Otto, Love and theft, Collective Soul, Diamond Rio, Restless Heart, Andy Griggs, Jake Owen, Crystal Gayle, and so many more..

Due to where I’ve been and where I’m going during my time on this planet, I have volunteered with “Big Brothers and Big Sisters”, the local lunch buddy program, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the court system), and a  voice for Domestic Violence.  I am also a 3rd generation  Auctioneer.  Nothing is more satisfying that giving to those who need it.

My heart is bigger than my body and I love to leave pieces of me wherever I can.  I’m  a passionately  driven funny person who writes from a place I know.  The Heart.  The Heart of a Tiger.

Carrie Cunningham


If I could make a grand entrance, I would roll on into town in my tiger striped truck, with Wyatt Earp as my shotgun rider, blaring  the soul pop groove of Leon Bridges.  Then I’d step onto stage and ask all the kids in the audience to get up and sing and dance with me.  That’s my style…I love to entertain and there isn't one genre I can say has shaped me into who I am.  

When it comes to my music, I not only write what inspires me from my experiences, but I am part of your story too!   I write motivational music to get you going in the morning, fun songs to make you smile in the afternoon and of course music you want to dance or love to

 BUT, with that being said, my most powerful music to date has been inspirational.  I know this because of the emails and letters I have received from awesome fans like you, who have expressed gratitude by allowing me to step into your most vulnerable time of your lives.  

Music is my lifeline, but it is also yours.  If I can keep touching your life through the songs I write, then I am doing exactly what I was meant to do in this world…