“Kicking off with those massive country feels with those drums and guitar feels come straight out that you are dancing to the instrumental even before the lyrics fully hit you with that flirty and fun story Carrie tells throughout the song. Carrie always creates those sing-a-long tracks with a meaning that you always come back too.”  Music of the Future couldn't have said it better when talking about Carrie's most Recent Single, “Just Like”.  With an amazing fusion of her love for both Disco and Country music, bringing a new sound to her fans and country music lovers all around. Co-written with Warner Chappell recording artist, Riley Roth, both ladies agree this is truly a summer love song for those getting married…or who just want to dance the night away!

Born in Nebraska, raised in Washington St, and now living in both Nashville and Southern California, Carrie Cunningham has been a bit of a nomad with her love of the road and her heavy influence of musical genres.  Growing up on country, jazz, classical and Motown, Carrie “has a style all her own, almost a  musical chameleon” (Zetland Country, UK). 

Her previous album, “Showgirl,” was released single-by-single, one for each month throughout 2021. It became a hit album amongst listeners in 2022, landing Carrie on nearly 40 playlists worldwide and has nearly 400,000 streams to date. 

Following the footsteps of her female musical influences, Carrie fell in love with the stage and touring. She believes in giving the audience what it came for - a show!  She was often called the “Next Shania Twain” and, one of her personal favorites,  “Garth Brooks in a skirt.” 

Carrie’s successful 2017 EP “Let’s Dance” made the Top 10 Albums list by “Women of Country Music" and numerous #1 in Europe with her 2017 Americana EP “Secrets”. 

She has been on over a 1000 stages and has shared the stage with over 50 national touring artists, including Kacey Musgraves, Jake Owen and more. Her music has left bootprints on dance floors and imprints on the hearts of people not only in America, but all over the world. 

Carrie's next highly anticipated single “Habit” is Due out April 12th 2024!  IT will be following the footprints “Just Like” left on the dance floor!



Carrie captured the title  of the FOE Eagle’s 100th Year National talent competition, and recently her EP “Let’s Dance” was named one of the “Top 10 Albums of 2017” by Women of Country Music.

Carrie has had songs placed in podcasts as theme songs, such as “Living Single” and       “Medi-cast Medical”.

She became an International chart topper with 4 songs going number 1 and numerous  “Top Ten” slots, along with her “Secrets” EP reaching #1 for the top 50 AirPlay Direct Country/Alt Albums.

Carrie is unique, she one to not shy away from learning something new when it comes to music.   If it will expand her knowledge she will take on the challenge.  Not only is she a performer, but she is also a live sound engineer and music publisher.  She has worked with national performers like Joan Jett, Lorrie Morgan, and Charlie Daniels to name a few, but she still feels the higher calling when it comes to her skillset.

Carrie is a very compassionate person who feels her calling in this world is to help others.  She is philanthropic and has helped many people with her storytelling through music.  She has also worked with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Vanished Children’s Alliance, C.A.S.A, The Special Olympics, Hope International, and Read Across America.   To take her generous nature further, she became a 3rd Generation auctioneer, focusing on Benefit auctions.  She combines custom built songs and auctioneering to make unforgettable events. 


Carrie can still remember the night music called her name.  When she was lying in bed as a child, listening to the cool groove of the bass, the eerie keys and sax in the hit song “Maneater” by Hall & Oates, she became hooked on the power of a song.  When Daryl came in singing, all she could picture was an image of a woman turning into a tiger, and it fascinated her.   Having been through physical/sexual abuse and neglect, as well as being placed in a foster home, the song created such a vivid picture, she wanted to be a tiger.  But when it comes to stage performance and the overall thought process of entertainment,  Barbara Mandel and the Mandrel sisters paved the way.  She would watch them religiously and believes they are truly one of the best entertainers out there.  The singing, dancing, writing, connecting with the audience, was  like no other… 

Carrie made sure to escape reality of her home life by joining as many choirs as she could, which even landed a place for her with the Spokane Symphony Chorale for 5 years.  She got a degree in Voice & Composition in College and went back to college, after already having many years of being a regional Northwest entertainer, to study Audio Production.  During her time burning the candles at both ends being an entertainer and a live sound engineer, she signed on with the Independent label, “Divulge Records”.  Through the work of Divulge, she was able to partner with “Vanished Children’s Alliance” to make the video for her song “Smile Again

Over the years, Carrie has performed all over the United States for festivals, fairs, concert series, radio and TV shows.  She has also made an impact on the International market where she has developed some loyal fans. 

She currently has 5 albums, and numerous singles out on 

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and she even has her own I-heart radio station.  

For more information, contact her