Showgirl series #8 "All Over me"

Carrie's powerful vocals hooked us instantly and the brazenly shameless lyrics left us wanting more.”

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I wrote this song with pop artist Lo Lind, and country artist Trace Thompson, at a writers retreat.  Trace had come in with this awesome idea of how someone can be all over you in a heat of passion and then be all over you like it never happened.  So we ran with it.  I believe we wrote it to pitch, but I ended up pitching it to myself, lol!  I have sund other sensual songs before but they were blues, country, and americana.  This is the first time I tried an emotional and sensual sounding song in the pop genre.  Between this song and May's release of "What is Love", people can get a sense that I'm not just country.  If the song is great, it doesnt matter the genre.


Music City Melodies

Review: Carrie Cunningham Stuns With Her "Showgirl Series"

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway, but that isn't just true for New York City. Nashville recording artist Carrie Cunningham has been shining bright with the delivery of her Showgirl Series, where she releases a new song on the 11th of every month. Her upcoming album "Showgirl" is set to drop this coming November...

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All Over Me es la última recomendación del día y llega gracias a Carrie Cunningham. La estadounidense nos regala una obra bastante clásica de pop rock, que nos desnuda todo miedo que tengamos escondido en nuestro cuerpo...

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Review: Carrie Cunningham shares her seductive side in new single "All over me"

Now releasing her upbeat and sensual tune, "All Over Me," Carrie Cunningham displays a more seductive side to her music through descriptive and passionate lyricism. The song steers away from Cunningham's usual country-inspired sound as it blasts our speakers in vibrant and upbeat pop sonics to enhance her exciting lyrical content...



Review: Singer/songwriter Carrie Cunningham is back with her eighth song from her Showgirl Series!

With alluring lyrics like I’ve heard you’ve got somebody in the city, but where is she tonight, we’re standing under the same chandelier, but I’m seeing me and you in a whole new light, Carrie shows off a more seductive side with “All Over Me.”...