Showgirl Series #2 "Happy to me"

"Happy to me" showcases your voice, which I've always loved. Your vocals are like a fine wine, always improving with age.” - Richard Dales Coupland

— Zetland Fm Country, UK

When Christen and i got together to write this song, I remember sitting in my Nashville home talking casually before we started our write.  We started talking about the difference between city life and country life.  constantly going and the need to slow down.  What ultimately makes us happy in the long run, what keeps us calm.  The more we dove into this idea over the next few writing sessions, the more we could really see that nature, serenity, and family is what we all need...

One of my fondest memories as a child was when my dad would put on a Donna Summer album- the Live album, and we would dance to her.  It was so funny watching him dance, it still cracks me up to even think about it! 

You will hear how a disco shaped my sound with this disco backbeat in the song.

Welcome to song number 2 in the "Showgirl" Series!

Photo by Barbara Potter

Graphics by Peggy at Madhouse Graphics

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Happy to Me

Carrie Cunningham/Christen Cooper

The sound of bluebirds singing in the morning 
Drinking lemonade on my porch swing 
It's the smell of that first summer rain 
A quiet walk on Sunday 
That's what happy is to me 

Listen for a slow breeze through the oak trees 
Feel the gravel road under my feet 
Watching a cotton candy sunset 
And wishing on those farmer stars 
That's what happy is to me