1. Paramount

From the recording Paramount

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I’m flying high up in the sky
Waiting for the sun on the horizon
I’m looking out at all the stars
Thinking ‘bout how you are the only one
Lord you made this world for me With all its beauty and mysteries

Your amazingly, powerful perfect love
Reaches more than my mind could ever dream of
You are Paramount, you are Paramount
From light to darkness of everyday
I will worship and praise you, speak your name
You are Paramount, you are Paramount
Lord, Lord
You are Paramount
You are Paramount to me

Every prayer I know you hear
Not every word I say has acclamation
But when I look at all you’ve done
I can’t help but see the inspiration
Oh you have great plans for me
I’ll keep my eyes towards you and see

Rpt Ch

I’m so grateful for you Jesus my love just overflows Hallelujah Christ our Savior my soul is yours alone