From the recording The Way You Look At Me

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Carrie Cunningham/Tim Bishop

I’ve been visiting the 2nd floor more and more the past few years
This Hospital was new when mama’s cancer brought her here
Tonight she whispered to me we were not alone
Every word I heard, coming from her, hit me like a stone
She said He told her not to worry, it will soon be alright
All the dreams you’ve dreamed before will appear before your eyes

So let’s go, you’re ready now
Walk with me, you’ll be brand new
I know you know how
Take my hand, don’t be afraid
All your fears will disappear
Like tears in the rain

They started talking ‘bout her loved ones
And her friends she’d have to leave
But he whispered those who’ve gone before her
Were waiting patiently
I could feel my swollen heart start to cry
while the glimmer dancing in her eye was about to wave goodbye


Everyone came in the room and gathered round her bed
I could see that they were just as tired as I was
I told them He was here to take her home, as the tears rolled down my face
then she gently closed her eyes and smiled, as we heard her say

Here I go, I’m ready now
I’ll walk with you, like I did before
But even better now
Take my hand, let’s go home
All my fears have disappeared like tears in rain