From the recording The Way You Look At Me

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Carrie Cunningham/Joe Hrasna

She had her goals set high, she had the perfect life
When senior year had rolled around
Full of happiness and accomplishment
Not a thing would slow her down
Until a boy blew in like the Northern Wind
And It was like a hit and run
Her mama grabbed a hold, begged her not to go
But her new life had just begun

Oh what we do for love
is not always clear
sometimes we have to rise above
and put away our fears
There’s a simple road and a hard one too
It’s never easy knowing what to do
But you have to decide where it will lead
That’s what we do for love

She was never quit the same the day the baby came
That boy was nowhere to be found
She looked into those eyes of her newborn child
And cried what are we gonna do now?
She worked day and night to try and raise him right
Despite what people would say
She found that motherhood turned into something good
And thanked the Lord for everyday


Yeah is like a raging river through your soul You could drown in it or let it take you home