The Voice of Clients

"The  performance  on  Saturday  night  was  spectacular.  The  song  list  choices  were  well  received  and  you  clearly   understood  the  audience's  preferences.  The  band  was  great  and  in  a  groove  and  obviously  well-­‐rehearsed. Your  voice  was  in  top  form,  and  equally  impressive  was  your  stage  presence  and  connection  with  the  audience."- Josephine County Fair
“Your lyrical writing rivals your amazing voice. Pure songs that leave some mystery and invoke distinct, vivid imagery. Keep up the Good Work”. -Brad Douma, KXLY News 4, Spokane, Wa

"Carrie has an amazing voice everyone around town knows that, but what really stands out is how professional her band is, true country pros" (PMA special KUPL)
Carrie was able to share more of her own personality, not just a cookie cutter of known and loved artists.Every member of the audience felt she was singing to them."- Kristen Aspen- Tualatin Concert on the Commons Concert